Friday, August 8, 2008

Roast Goose and which wine

Lionel Lau: Today, I went to Pudu to check out the roast goose! “Wei Kee” Roast Goose restaurant, a KL institution amongst those who cherish classic Hong Kong style roast Goose and duck. Unfortunately, I haven’t been back to this restaurant for more than 10 years for one reason or another.
But as my brother mentioned not too long ago that he had heard of this restaurant and had always liked goose, we decided to check out my fading memory and do some old fashioned leg work to track it down.
Luckily all the years of wine, women and song had not completely destroyed my memory cells and we actually found it without too much difficulty.
THE BEST ROAST GOOSE IN KL. The restaurant still looks the same, even the sign board hasn’t change but none of the previous waiting staff is there but the food is just as good and although we didn’t bring wine with us on this trip. Chris and I were in a serious discourse as to what would work with the gameyness of the goose and yet have enough acidity to handle the fat from the ever wonderful crispy skin.
A Volnay or Pommard, classic Burgundys, it definitely needed something stronger than a new world Pinot Noir! But what about a Brunello de Montalcino perhaps?
Well we will be back there soon with some wine and have the results posted soon enough, wait! What about a rose champagne or a blanc de noir?


Victor Liew said...


Don't forget to bring me!


Damyanti said...

And us:)

Lee Henn said...

Would a merlot work well?