Thursday, August 21, 2008

Roast Goose and which wine challenge part 3

Lionel: okay, it is definitive. The Goose is much gamier, stronger in taste overall and has much more fat than the duck. Hence, it is quite amazing that the champagne worked so well, albeit a Blanc de noir. Furthermore, the champagne even worked with the Suin lat choy, or Khai choy, a humble dish which its flavours just explode with the introduction of the champagne!
We also had a wonderful, but a tad too young Beaune Les Cras Premier Cru 2005, lovely wine, savoury and powerful but needed a bit more time, excellent with the goose but maybe a bit too tart for the duck,
But the winner of the day has to be the Chateuneuf du Pape from Domaine Ville Julienne 2003. A warm year but the wine had enough acidity still and what a combination, outstanding with the goose and just enough not to overpower the duck.
This restaurant name Wei Kee in Pudu is excellent and I would like to ask everyone who like duck or has never had goose to try them and let me know what wine works for you!

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Anonymous said...

My dad likes to dapao a whole bird from this place and it lasts us a good few meals. I recommend the sesame seed-coated duck. Uh... I wash it down with plain water. - TJ