Sunday, August 10, 2008

Curry & Tom Yam paired with wine?

Lionel: My wife took me to a newly opened Thai restaurant named Erawan out in Kota Damansara last night.

And although not completely ready for hordes of customers, the pride that the owners and more importantly the chef showed in their food augurs well for this establishment!

I know I've said many times in the past that soups are generally not a good pairing with wine and the best wine for Thai food would probably be a rose. I decided to bring along a bone dry Riesling and see how it would work.

The appetizer of Mien Kam, which is basically a salad of raw daun kadok filled with dried shrimp, fried shredded coconut, raw shallots, ginger, nutmeg, roasted peanuts and some kind of secret paste. This worked really well with the Jacobs Creek Steingarten Riesling 2003.

This is one of my personal favourite wines, bone dry, its almost like drinking a pure lime, & Lemon juice with absolutely no sugar, hints of minerals abound almost similar to licking wet stone! Great food wine this one.

The real surprise was how it got on with the Tom Yam Kung, not clashing, not harmonizing either but just remain status quo on the palette.

But boy, it was delicous with the chicken green curry, releasing a multitude of new flabours in the wine, such as some sugar sweetness, hints of grapes juxtapost with a enhance lemony flavours. In Chris's favorite line: it releases an explosion of flavours!

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