Sunday, August 24, 2008

champagne & curry?

The half empty bottle of Bruno Paillard Brut Premier cuvee N/V with what’s left of the food.

Lionel: Went to my friends Farah & Graham’s wedding party last night. What a party! I am still recovering from the obvious over indulgence of food, wine, champagne, cigars and dancing.
Set in a modern Indian restaurant, we had our own version of a monsoon wedding with the rain being substituted by a deluge of champagne. The champagne in mention this night was a wonderful brut premier cuvee non vintage from the house of Bruno Paillard. A wonderfully elegant wine dominated by Pinot Noir and considered by the house as the flagship for their style of wine.
This is all from a man who started the winery from scratch in a rented building and purchase grapes at the ripe old age of 27 after selling his classic old Jaguar for a 15000 euro starting capital. All these from a region that hasn’t seen a new champagne house in centuries.
Try this wonderful champagne if you can and you will be amaze at its resilience and poise in handling the spicy grilled lamb chops, curry butter chicken, tandoori grilled salmon and even the lamb curry.


Anonymous said...

Where to get the Champagne? I really would like to buy one for myself. If it is not expensive.

Denise said...

Everything sounds amazing ... from the champagne to the grilled salmon to the curry lamb ... I think I need to find an Indian restaurant ... LOL!


Lionel said...

Let me check if the Bruno Paillard champagne is available in the local market, keep a eye right here.