Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Down the memory lane in Pudu

Chris Low: It's was last Friday when my friend Max called me after having drunk an expensive and rare bottle of Harlan Estate red 2003(money can't buy!) We end up gathering today in this hidden jewel of a restaurant with old school style cooking-Sek Yuen in Pudu.

The first time I indulged myself in this restaurant that uses wood fire to cook (yes, not even charcoal)...I was 7 years old. Sorry that I'd forget my camera again but this gives me an excuse to revisit this gem of an eatery again in the very near future?

All the dishes we ordered were basically humble home style cooking but seriously good food. Stir Fried sweet potato shoots with garlic, (yau-zham) deep fried grass carp, deep fried crispy-preserved bean curd pork belly that we paired it with the champagne I like of late-Drappier Blanc de Noir 2002.

We then uncork a bottle of 2003 Volnay from Bouchard Pere & Fils and a 2000 California Zinfandel with the fame"Pei Pa" Duck. A wonderful wine pairing for this crispy poultry!

When our dear friend Mr. Lee decided he hadn’t had enough and ordered stir fried petai with garlic & dried shrimp, stir fried kang-kong with garlic, stuffed sea cucumber with fish paste in Crystal broth. Yum!

Time came to leave the restaurant, we were stop by heavy down pour so we decided to stay and were tempted by the restaurant’s lady boss and ordered deep fried shrimp in yam fritter(kwai Fah-prawn). Man this dish is a killer; it looks like a London style fish & chips but fluffy in the inside.

Mr. Lee got up again and we thought this time he was going to washroom but 5 minutes later, (Wah Yeng) the lady boss brought out a plate of steam (Pak Cheat) chicken.
This not your ordinary steam chicken but the skin taste like jelly yet it's chewy with the meat so tender even the chicken breast could be cut using our spoon!

What’s the damage after feeding 5 hungry souls. RM189.50 including a complimentary plate of fresh cut fruits and ultra friendly service. (I hope they didn’t under charge us...)

Ok. Lionel, I promise we will go together next time (with camera)



Petrina said...

Hi Chris, my dad John asked me to check out your blog and so here I am! I'm also adding a link on my blog, knitsandnibbles.blogspot.com.

Do check my blog out too although I've not been writing that many food reviews of late. More on knitting and shopping!

About the Harlan Estate bottle, yeah I didn't get to try it either since my dad decided to open it when I'm away. My brother said it was really good though!

Petrina said...

Hi Lionel,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too!

Haha not much written on food at the moment although I have a backlog of reviews to post. (Penang, Bkt Tambun, Kuchai crabs etc)

Singapore food - really enjoyed the Chinese restaurant in the Fullerton although I forgot what it's called. Didn't really eat much there (shopping was the main focus!).

Anyway, will be following your blog pretty closely since you guys write about places I like (such as Max) and if you go to places with Uncle Lee, he usually takes us there too at some point! :)