Saturday, August 9, 2008

Roast Goose and which wine pt 2

Lionel: Okay, I know this is about goose and duck again, but I had roast duck for dinner while watching the Opening of the Beijing games. Luciky I ordered ahead cuz when I got there at 6pm, they were telling customers that they were all sold out. Guess everyone decided to have duck and watch the games. But then again this place has one of the best roast duck( or as Chris informed me, it is correctly called " Ham sui Siew Ngap". Its a little place in Paramount Gardens named Loong Foong.

Okay, I digress. Roast duck and some one brought char siew to the pot luck party too. So what did I drink with these two lovely dishes? A lovely, incredible value for money Pinot Noir from California named Garnet Carneros Pinot Noir 2005 from Saintsbury. A great buy from Singapore for about S$70 I think. trust me I think its worth much more.

Try and find this the next time you drop my Singapore cuz I'm not sure if you can find it here. a great drop with Char Siew and roast Duck!

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Damyanti said...

Thanks a million for the roast duck, I had some leftover roast duck and char siew with bread for breakfast! Not healthy, at all, dee. I loved the red wine too:)

Good news is my opening day predictions for India at the Olympics went wrong, and India won an individual Gold medal in 10m Rifles...woohoo!!