Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beware!!Not a healthy salad!!

Chris Low: Beside bringing back some good wine and dining experience from Bordeaux, France this April. I brought back recipe from my friend Bruno Macarez's mother in-law...she is the lady owner of Chateau de Ribebon. This dish is so good that Lionel and me have an idea to remake this dish in our friend's daughter birthday party where i pretended i can cook again...

So what is the fuss of this dish?. A Salad of rocket lettuce pack with trio of smoke duck breast, duck terrine, duck foire gras, hammon and a good hand full of deep fried duck fat. It took about 2 kg of raw duck fat to get just enough of tiny bit of the crispy duck fat for 10 people...and the rewards for the chef and his commis chef who prepare the dishes for that evening include...Champagne Crystal 1996 and Champagne Salon 1996 and the highlight of that night was horizontal of vintage 2000 Bordeaux which in clude Figeac, L’Angelus, Canon La Gaffeirre and Ducru-Beacaillou.

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