Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wine investment: Best In Class whn adjusted for risk.

Chris Low: Lionel and myself was interview by Nanyang Shang Pao on the potential of wine investment in Malaysia. The story covers how wine investment works, what you need to know if you would love to start an wine investment port-folio, risk management and investment strategy investing in "liquid gold" fine wines.

PS. The story is featured in Mandarin.

you can read more here.

Investing in Fine Wines-Now may be the best time

Chris Low: Red an interesting story from THE NEW YORK TIMES.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

KNK Japanese+Korean fusion BBQ

Jacob's Creek Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay with cold dishes, then marinated chicken leg, scallops and Saba for white meat BBQ
USDA beef touge, USDA back ribs, wagyu beef and A4 kobe Vs Jacob's Creek Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay Rose

Chris Low: Every last Friday of the month. Lionel or myself will cordinate what we call "The Friday Lunch" . April events was held in KANNICHIKAN YAKINIKU in Ampang and hosted by Pernod Richard Malaysia and Mui Hua
The ingredient is so good quality and value for money that Lionel brought the family for a extended hours lunch a week after this lunch. What i think special in this restaurant; beside the great quality and fresh ingredient are the amenities provided in this restaurant.
The little BBQ pit they provide comes will very strong yet even charcoal fire; Exhaust system that suck out all the cooking fume and smoke and you walk out of the restaurant with very minimum post-grill odour.
And the sparkling wines we serve for this lunch from Jacob's Creek goes so well.
As the ice chilled Sparkling wines cool you down from the flame of the BBQ pits, it also provide enough acidity and body to work with the various seafood, white meat and red meat serve.
Great lunch.
And yes, i went back to that restaurant again 2 weeks later. And planning another one in June with another group of vinos and makan friends.

Bordeaux 2000 Tasting

Ice chilled Dom Perignon 1999 for aperatif
All the wines are serve blind

Some tips for you, which one is the mystery 2005?

Reveiling the wines at the end of the dinner. Mouton 2000 was the darling of the night.

Chris Low: Lionel and myself are invited by the YPO Malaysia chaper to host a special dinner for the GREW. To make this dinner interesting and educational, we blend in wine investment element and a wine option game. It was a great evening with good food, great wines and meaningful networking!

Wine serve in the GREW evening
1999 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon
2000 Canon la Gaffeliere
2000 Ducru Beaucaillou
2000 Mouton Rothschild
Mystery wine: Chateau German 2005 Cote de Castilion
4 days after that, together with my friend See Kin and Mun Cheng, we had a 2002 Ducru Beaucaillou. Altough more ready to drink compared the 2000 Ducru, but i can tell that the 2000 Vintage is really big and long life. Another wine for our grand chilren.
And had the 2000 (that we opened sinces 3 days ago) again in the same evening with Hakka food and pork dishes. Hmm, St Julien is a good match with Pork dishes. Oik..oik

Angelus dinner

braised Pigs ears in soy sauce serve cold with watermelon. Goes non stop with bubbly.
Angelus 2000,2003

Château Bellevue 2004

Le Fleur de Boüard 2005

Le Fleur de Boüard 2004

Representative from Angelus and Chris Low
Chris Low: Attended Angelus dinner middle of March in Singapore. This dinner was hosted by Hock Tong Bee Pte Ltd.
Would be envy and happy for those lucky few who manage to get some of the Angelus 2000.
Altough this is the 3rd event that i had this wine in last 12 months but i must say this wine is evolving and shaping into one of the greatest Angelus i had so far.

I picked up the Merlot dazzling fruit characters, balance and was blended with
Cabernet Franc that was slightly over-ripe but rich bouquet.
The is blackish-purple colour and show aromas of blackberries, plums and blackcurrants with delicate smoky notes and liquorice. My humble opinion that this is a long-ageing wine.

We also tasted in this wonderful evening which paired with wonderful menu prepared by Xin cuisne below:

Crystal dumpling with premium mushroom
Scallop and banana in dragon beard filo
Asparagus and pork slice with garlic vinaigrette
Champagne Renaissance NV Premier Cru

Suckling pig on shredded yam and pumpkin cake
Le Fleur de Boüard 2004
Le Fleur de Boüard 2005

Demi-tasse of double-boiled chicken tonic and cabbage

Pan-fried foie gras on trio fragrance rice
Château Bellevue 2004

Chinese premium highland green tea
Baked rock lobster with cheese, bacon and shimeji
Le Pardon de L’Angélus 2005

Single cut lamb chop with fish diced duxelle in light batter.
Château Angèlus 2000
Château Angèlus 2003

Lobster Encounters

Chis Low: It was Lionel's idea after he had some great lobster meal at Elegance Inn menara Hup Seng (lobster stir fry with goose liver and another style was lobster stir fry with salted egg york)A dejavu of the global economic crisis? Because the lobster is only RM38 per 100gm!In a fine dining Cantonese restaurant.
And he share this lovely dining experience to me on the next day and i immediately propose; why don't we do it ourselves? Coming Sunday, here i was with 2 nos (close to 6kg for RM550)live Australian live lobster. Trust me, to kill both of the the giant shellfish is like having a session of arm wrestling with a full grown man. But the rewards is sweet.

We prepared the shellfish in 3 ways: Shashimi one of the tail for starter, lightly batter and pan fry the other tail so that we can make a macaroni cheese and lastly i steam the heads and claws with light soy sauce, brandy and some old ginger from Bentong. And the results? 5 hungry souls satisfied with Chris Low uric acid raised to the top of the profile!And we finished the meal together with Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne.
Merely one week after the home cook lobster meal at Lionel's house. I rejoin my Singaporean "makan kaki" for a dinner in Imperial Treasure-Great wall City. This round of lobster meal is slight more intense...on the wine side. Thanks Robin for lovely Burgundies for that night. We had an St-Aubin from Domaine Leroy and lovely Vosne- Romanee 2006(surprise me that is so drinkable at this early stages)

And i always argue or debate with my vino friends that Bordeaux is perfect match with Cantonese cuisine and this was proven right again with Chateau L' Evengile 1985 and Chateau Cos d' Estournel 1990.

Light seared Scallop with egg white omelet and truffle oil. And the Champagne Jacquesson Vintage 1996 lift up the dish so well.
Cantonese style salt and pepper lobster tail, this went extremely yummy with the Bordeaux.