Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Way all Wine Bars should be!

Lionel: Greetings from Cape Town! I’m here as a guest of Wines of South Africa for the Cape Wine Show and it’s gorgeous here. This is a picture of Table Mountain early evening!

The show hasn’t started yet but after 2 days, the wines and food I’ve tasted so far has been nothing but great.

I had dinner tonight at a wine bar that I believe all wine bars should strive to be when they grow up. The wine list at Caveau great and fun at the same time, I can’t describe it any better than their website. So please check it out.

I had a lovely glass each of Sterhuis Sauvignon Blanc 07 and a Waterford Cabernet Sauvignon 05. Good pairing with small plates of Karoo Lamb, Grilled beef cubes with béarnaise.

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