Sunday, September 7, 2008

Down the memory lane In Pudu-Part II

"Yau-Cham Grass carp"
"wantan noddles with char-siew& fish paste"

"Kwai-Fa Shark Fin"
"Steam Chicken"
"Pei-Pa Roast Duck"
"Prawn in Yam Fritter"

" Stuffed Fish Maw with Fish paste"

Chris Low: As promise to Lionel, we went back to "Sek Yeun" in Pudu last Friday to feast on some of the best traditional Cantonese cuisine in the oldest Chinese restaurant in town. (This time I prepared my camera way before hand)

Ordered almost the same dishes as 2 weeks ago when I was there with Uncle Lee, but the highlight today I must say is still the Pei-Pa roast duck and 2 other new dishes mentioned below.

We brought along a bottle of the Montana Pinot Noir, which was versatile enough with the food that we ordered but happily married the duck :) And I must agree with Lionel that this is perhaps one of the best value Pinot Noir we can get off the shelves today.

Many Chinese restaurants prepare "Kwai-Fa shark fins"-a not so humble sauteed omelette with spring onion, carrots & generous portions of shark fins, topped with fresh Chinese parsley. You wrapped it with crisp lettuce & a drop of black vinegar before you pop it in to your mouth.

But this is the best I ever eaten in years! We wash it down with Jacob's Creek Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay, yum!

After about 6 dishes, we were craving for Carbohydrates. So the friendly lady order taker suggested yet another surprise for us. I must say most of us in Malaysia have eaten wantan noodles or to be precise what I am  trying to say here is "Gone-Low mee" And many of us have our own story to tell when it comes to their best "Gone-Low mee" stall. But try this version from Sek-Yuen which is so succulent,  It comes with chunky pieces of "Char-Siew" and homemade fish paste. And if we weren’t rushing for an 2pm appointment, Lionel & myself would have ordered a second portion.

I must invite those who is looking for simple but good quality Chinese/Cantonese cooking to visit to this jewel in Pudu. Furthermore, the cooks who are working on the chopping board and the wood fire metal woks are already 60+years old if not older.


I definitely will be booking a table very soon and pop a few more of those shark fin omelettes with my dad when I get back from Singapore next week.

Now you have to excuse me while I braise some dark soya sauce pork trotters in the kitchen.



Anonymous said...

Wah... the wantan mee must be VERY good sampai tak sempat to ambil gambar.

Lionel Lau + Chris Low said...'s too late when i realise i have to take a shot of the dish. lol