Monday, September 1, 2008

Bordeaux o' Bordeaux

2001 Chateau Latour, Pauillac The Pauillac region produced some of the most filled-in, satisfying Bordeaux reds of 2001, but this rich, elegant wine seems to have come from an even better vintage.

2000 Chateau d’Armailhac, Pauillac One of the most widely available wines from Pauillac, this luscious red, full of succulent fruit, is also a real bargain.

2004 Chateau Montrose, St Estephe This property can be mentioned in the same breath as the greatest Bordeaux châteaus—but charges a fraction of their prices. This dense, fleshy red is a star of the vintage.
2004 Clos du Marquis, St Julien A gorgeous "second wine" made from the vines of the fabled Château Leoville Las Cases, this mouth-filling red captures all the famous estate's elegance with an extra bit of cassis-plum fruitiness

Lionel:Located in a corner of southwestern France, there lies an area where the very notion of wine snobbery was invented, this place is named Bordeaux. But snob appeal aside, the wines of Bordeaux are some of the greatest I have ever tasted in the world; they're also the perfect gift for the hard-to-please wine lover. But even more important than that in our case, is its ability to pair so well with so many Chinese dishes. Most people would prefer to drink red wine irrespective of the food and as long as you are not pairing it with extremely spicy food, Bordeaux has the depth and elegance at the same time to work with a myriad number of Chinese dishes.

To understand Bordeaux( if that is at all com[pletely possible) one must understand first and foremost it’s geography. Bordeaux is divided into two sub-regions: the Médoc, Graves and Sauternes (the Left Bank), and, across the Gironde river, Pomerol and St-Émilion (the Right Bank). Left Bank reds are mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, while Right Bank reds are mostly Merlot and/or Cabernet Franc.
There are 12,000 producers in Bordeaux—most called Château(castle in French)whether they have an actual château or not, though many sell less-than-great wines. While the best wines from the monumental 2005 vintage won't be really drinkable until next year at the very least. We have been drinking wines from the excellent 2000, solid 2001, 2003 and 2004 vintages at prices much lower than the 2005s. But even then none of them are really cheap, prices have been going up and it doesn’t seem to be coming down anytime soon, but Bordeaux is still Bordeaux. So allow us to share with you some recent bottles which we believe are well worth the money

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