Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hush! The new management is here

Lionel: Last Thursday I was invited by my old friend Angie of Flamenco fame to try out some tapas at her latest join, Hush in Bangsar. She has taken over management of this bar more than a month ago as she renovates Flamenco. For some of you that think La Bodega started the Spanish trend in town, think again. Some of us will remember the first Flamenco outlet in U Thant area where it really started although, she called it Mediterranean cuisine, the Spanish influence was always there.

Anyway, she had brought in a young chef from Valencia on a visit and this night was to also showcase the new dining concept at Hush. It will all be small plates of tapas only and full dining would only be available for pre ordered functions in the 3 private rooms available. Whilst the wine list is still being put together, the drink list is substantial. Now what she needs is some really fine dry sherrys to match the lovely food.

I brought along a bottle of champagne, Drappier as I didn't have any sherrys on hand and guess what, it worked too; champagne just works with everything;

Second best dish of the evening was the lamb, braised for 2 days, shredded on a bed of onion jam with red wine sauce  on one side and mushroom sauce on the other
This must be the winning dish of the night, when it came out I was thinking WTF? toast on mash potatoes? and the mash is cold? Actually its cod and potato mash and man, its the best damn mash I 've had.
Yummy cod and potato croquettes
I know, they look like ordinary potato wedges, but ordinary they are not. The sauce at the top of the plate is garlic cream based and works amazingly well.

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