Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Balance Meal at Brickfields.

Steam Prompet Fish.

Taiwan style 3 flavors Chicken

4 Heavenly King

Killer Curry Fish Head

Champagne Daniel Robert 1er Cru NV

Chris Low: Of many versions of curry fish head in K.L.(if you like curry fish head using grouper and with a hint a sourness) My family loved this family own Chinese restaurant in Brickfields near YMCA-LOK FATT. The owners is long known friend of my father Uncle Lok-and now run by his son.

One recent creations from the local Chinese-Cantonese food scene"the 4-heavenly king" which is a combinations eggs plant, bottle beans, petai, long bean and wok-fried with sambal+dried shrimp but uncle Lok give it a lift with crispy fried anchovy and extra dose of chili padi. And it's consider a mild version as my nephew Zhe-Xi also enjoyed it. (But mind that he is quite well train with hot and spicy although is only 4 years old...this is how we are brought up!)

Try this restaurant Taiwanese 3 flavors chicken, delicious and juicy...a rice killer.

Oh the prompet, it's rare to have such fresh one in a local restaurant. Thanks to mum, she always hunt for good fishes in Pasar Borong K.L...

A trade secret, you go there weekdays say 3 AM. And this whooper prompet is 3KG.
And once again, we proved that champagne is very versatile with food pairing and this Daniel Robert 1er Cru is yummy!

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