Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best Damn Food Standing Room Only

Lionel: The Cape Kontrei Cuisine event is held as a prelude to the Cape Wine Show. It is a celebration of the Cape's finest cuisine and paired with regional wines from all over South Africa.

This year’s event was held at Groot Constancia estate. This is the oldest wine estate in South Africa, dating back to 1685. And today, this National Heritage Site remains a true reflection of Cape Dutch Architecture.


The Constancia valley was the cradle of winemaking in South Africa and its sweet dessert wines became famous throughout the royal courts of Europe during the 18th century. Groot Constancia is recognized as ‘the mother’ of the wine industry and today it is run by the Groot Constancia Trust, with its objective being ‘to promote and preserve the estate as a cultural historic monument, as an educational asset and as a financially independent wine producing estate’.


So it was a fantastic venue for what promised to be an interesting event. To be honest, I have never been a fan of eating fine food standing with nothing more than plastic plates, thank goodness we had metal forks and real wine glasses! So it was indeed with trepidation that I approached the giant marquee which was set up to house all the wines and the food.


There was a total of 18tables/stands of which 17 had food paired with wines and the last one having a selection of Brandy on its own. Now whilst I am never shy when it comes to food, I decided some initial planning where by a certain order with which dishes and wines to start with and proceed to was in order. The plan worked like a charm with the majority of the crowd starting alphabetically whilst we zig zagged our way round the marquee with good effect.


The stars of the night was surely the Crispy Pig’s Ear Cotechino and lentil flan and the Springbok Frikadelle with chunky tomato smoor. That has to be the best meal I have ever had standing up and on plastic plates!

Parts of the lovely Groot Constancia estate with the evening sky and lone star as a backdrop to the event.

The best damn Semillon from South Africa..........

Some of the Sauvignon Blancs paired with the Buffalo Bocconcini, Cured Salmon and Prosciutto chips. It's not Proscuiutto flavoured chips but rather sliced prosciutto which has been lightly fried....Mmmmmmm heavenly!

Medallion of Beef fillet rolled in Cep dust with Veal Jus was perfect with Cabernet Blends

Saute of Sweet Breads garden Peas and pancetta...yum..yum with the lovely Pinot Noirs
Lamb Loin Sous Vide style with Morel Cream paired with Merlot
Neil Jewell with his Crispy pig's ear cotechino and lentil flan! Don't u just love the shirt? paired really well with Pinotage!
(left) best damn pigs ears I have ever eaten!!!
Chef George Jardine of Jardine. The best fine dining restaurant in Cape Town. This man use to helm the kitchens at our very own Lafite at Shangrila KL.
Wild Mushroom and Foie Gras Dumpling, port reduction and truffle Jus paired with Diemersfontein Pinotage(above)
(Below) One of the better brandys produced in South Africa, aged 10years Uitkyk pronounced 8k!! 

Chef Christophe Dehosse with his Springbok Frikadelle & Chunky Tomato Smoor, lovely with the Fairview Shiraz from Paarl.

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