Friday, October 24, 2008

A Few Great Tasting recently at Wine For Asia(Singapore)

Rare Treats: Hill Of Grace 2004

Stephen Henschke: Winemaker of Henschke

Various 2004 Bordeaux: Canon La Gaffeliere my favourite right bank.

A regular popular booth: Wine Review Great Bordeaux tasting.

Chris Low: I was down in Singapore for the 6Th edition Wine for Asia(WFA) 2008. Several highlights is the Henschke Master Class, The Lanson Champagne tasting and The Great Bordeaux 2004 tasting at Poh Tiong's Wine Review booth.

6 wines are tasted in the Henschke Master Class which include 2004 Hill of Grace, 100% Shiraz grapes from pre-phylloxera material brought from Europe by the early German settlers in the mid 1800s and grown in the Eden Valley wine region. Crimson Purple, powerful but have graceful balance and a lovely, long aftertaste. Yin How and me is just about to steal an unfinished glass of this wonderful nectar from a photographer seat just next to us.

2005 Mount Edelstone Shiraz, 100% 90-year-old-vine Shiraz grown in the Eden Valley wine region. It works like a second wine for the Hill of Grace(at least for me?). Softer and more accessible, sexy red wine with sweet plum and ripe tannin.

A white wine worth mention is The 2007 Julius Eden Valley Riesling, it may not take away my love (Stein Garden Riesling) but has lovely freshness, perfume and surprisingly good acidity, depth and crisp finish.

Was also spoil by Mr. Anton Hobb, export director of Lanson Champagne. I found my love with the Lanson Pink Label NV Rose Champagne. Lively fine mousse, splash of raspberries, lemon lime and a hint of flint and biscutti, I will recommend this lovely bubbly with local food! Also tasted was The Gold Label Vintage 1996, delicate, fine and lovely finish.

Champagne and Oz wine, Cheers!
My apologies for lesser quality photo taken from my camera phone.

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