Wednesday, May 20, 2009

KNK Japanese+Korean fusion BBQ

Jacob's Creek Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay with cold dishes, then marinated chicken leg, scallops and Saba for white meat BBQ
USDA beef touge, USDA back ribs, wagyu beef and A4 kobe Vs Jacob's Creek Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay Rose

Chris Low: Every last Friday of the month. Lionel or myself will cordinate what we call "The Friday Lunch" . April events was held in KANNICHIKAN YAKINIKU in Ampang and hosted by Pernod Richard Malaysia and Mui Hua
The ingredient is so good quality and value for money that Lionel brought the family for a extended hours lunch a week after this lunch. What i think special in this restaurant; beside the great quality and fresh ingredient are the amenities provided in this restaurant.
The little BBQ pit they provide comes will very strong yet even charcoal fire; Exhaust system that suck out all the cooking fume and smoke and you walk out of the restaurant with very minimum post-grill odour.
And the sparkling wines we serve for this lunch from Jacob's Creek goes so well.
As the ice chilled Sparkling wines cool you down from the flame of the BBQ pits, it also provide enough acidity and body to work with the various seafood, white meat and red meat serve.
Great lunch.
And yes, i went back to that restaurant again 2 weeks later. And planning another one in June with another group of vinos and makan friends.


Chris Gan said...

All those fine bbq meat should go well with a good red.

Chris / Lionel - I have a question. Which wine pairing is better with dark fried Hokkien Noodles? Is it:

a) Wyndham Estate Cabernet-Merlot Show Reserve
b) Jacob's Creek Shiraz Reserve
c) Cline Zinfandel
d) Montepulcian d'Abruzzo
e) A rich velvety Carmenere
e) None of the above?

Regards - Chris Gan

Lionel Lau + Chris Low said...

Chris Low: Hi Chris Gan, this is a very good question. My 1st Choice will be Champagne as the sparkling wines have good and nice refreshing acidty to wash the grease, so you enjoy every munch with every sips!
I will also go for a fruity red new world cab merlot but not to big in alcohol. wyndham Cab Merlot show reserve will work. I tried it before.