Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lobster Encounters

Chis Low: It was Lionel's idea after he had some great lobster meal at Elegance Inn menara Hup Seng (lobster stir fry with goose liver and another style was lobster stir fry with salted egg york)A dejavu of the global economic crisis? Because the lobster is only RM38 per 100gm!In a fine dining Cantonese restaurant.
And he share this lovely dining experience to me on the next day and i immediately propose; why don't we do it ourselves? Coming Sunday, here i was with 2 nos (close to 6kg for RM550)live Australian live lobster. Trust me, to kill both of the the giant shellfish is like having a session of arm wrestling with a full grown man. But the rewards is sweet.

We prepared the shellfish in 3 ways: Shashimi one of the tail for starter, lightly batter and pan fry the other tail so that we can make a macaroni cheese and lastly i steam the heads and claws with light soy sauce, brandy and some old ginger from Bentong. And the results? 5 hungry souls satisfied with Chris Low uric acid raised to the top of the profile!And we finished the meal together with Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne.
Merely one week after the home cook lobster meal at Lionel's house. I rejoin my Singaporean "makan kaki" for a dinner in Imperial Treasure-Great wall City. This round of lobster meal is slight more intense...on the wine side. Thanks Robin for lovely Burgundies for that night. We had an St-Aubin from Domaine Leroy and lovely Vosne- Romanee 2006(surprise me that is so drinkable at this early stages)

And i always argue or debate with my vino friends that Bordeaux is perfect match with Cantonese cuisine and this was proven right again with Chateau L' Evengile 1985 and Chateau Cos d' Estournel 1990.

Light seared Scallop with egg white omelet and truffle oil. And the Champagne Jacquesson Vintage 1996 lift up the dish so well.
Cantonese style salt and pepper lobster tail, this went extremely yummy with the Bordeaux.

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