Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Angelus dinner

braised Pigs ears in soy sauce serve cold with watermelon. Goes non stop with bubbly.
Angelus 2000,2003

Château Bellevue 2004

Le Fleur de Boüard 2005

Le Fleur de Boüard 2004

Representative from Angelus and Chris Low
Chris Low: Attended Angelus dinner middle of March in Singapore. This dinner was hosted by Hock Tong Bee Pte Ltd.
Would be envy and happy for those lucky few who manage to get some of the Angelus 2000.
Altough this is the 3rd event that i had this wine in last 12 months but i must say this wine is evolving and shaping into one of the greatest Angelus i had so far.

I picked up the Merlot dazzling fruit characters, balance and was blended with
Cabernet Franc that was slightly over-ripe but rich bouquet.
The is blackish-purple colour and show aromas of blackberries, plums and blackcurrants with delicate smoky notes and liquorice. My humble opinion that this is a long-ageing wine.

We also tasted in this wonderful evening which paired with wonderful menu prepared by Xin cuisne below:

Crystal dumpling with premium mushroom
Scallop and banana in dragon beard filo
Asparagus and pork slice with garlic vinaigrette
Champagne Renaissance NV Premier Cru

Suckling pig on shredded yam and pumpkin cake
Le Fleur de Boüard 2004
Le Fleur de Boüard 2005

Demi-tasse of double-boiled chicken tonic and cabbage

Pan-fried foie gras on trio fragrance rice
Château Bellevue 2004

Chinese premium highland green tea
Baked rock lobster with cheese, bacon and shimeji
Le Pardon de L’Angélus 2005

Single cut lamb chop with fish diced duxelle in light batter.
Château Angèlus 2000
Château Angèlus 2003

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