Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Man can cook

Been a while since I've been to Max's and man did he remind me why I never should have left! As I eagerly await the movie with regards to The Judgement of Paris, I decided it was time to crack open (the last of the Mohicans) bottle of the Ridge Monte Bello 94.

Started with a wondefully fragrant Schloss Leisser Riesling Kabinett 05, amzing with the poached Yabbies and then all hell broke loose with the veal, lamb and duck which just sealed the deal with the Monte Bello.

The Monte Bello has been one of my personal favourites ever since I read about this wine being one of the upstart wineries who beat the French at the now legendary 76 tasting. I first tasted a 90 in 95 and have since been a huge fan and collector, I will go on record and I say that I think this is one Californian wine that has the most similarities with a left bank Bordeaux.

Now comes to the part on wine sharing 101, at the next table to us that evening sat a certain Mr Wong who was having a quiet meal and a glass of wine untill my family and I decided to descend on him(we Lau's are quite loud). As I realized a bit later that I had met Mr Wong before at some wine event and that he was a wine lover too, I asked the waiter to please pour a glass of my Monte Bello for him. And you know what? he promptly thanked me and reciprocated with a glass of Domaine Gabriel Billard Pommard 01. For those uninitiated, if you get a chance to try a Pommard(red Burgundy), you have to.....ah the pleasures of life!!!!

And he wasn't finished, he then sent over another glass of Domaine Gramenon Cote du Rhone 06, lovely, lovely, lovely. This very kind gentleman decided later to leave both these unfinished wine for Max to share, splendid, thanks Mr Wong!

Now, after having cooked for more than 30 people the whole evening, a man becomes thirsty and once Max decides he is having a drink, he has a drink. A bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape( I can't remember by who now) and a wonderful little bottle of Cadoulet de Beaucastel Cote du Rhone 03( from the Perrin family of Chateau de Beaucastel fame) from his cellar later, we definitely finished the night well and truly sated!

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