Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hear It Through The Grapevine

This is a place for unusual wine and food reviews. People dining out have trouble getting guidance, so we thought, "Let's let them know that we condone serving red wine with fish".

Though we are not actually related, the bond we have is the joy we share in challenging wine & food pairings, like Shiraz and Curry or Sauvignon Blanc with Chicken Rice.


Robin Soh said...

Guys, congrats on the creation of "Cork Brothers Blog". Let's hope to share more knowledge thru this blog.....Cheers...

AllanYap said...

Hi Guys,

I recently bought the WitchMount Shiraz 2003 & 2005. The 2004 totally sold out as due to the award winning Shiraz 2004 news.

1. Will you be able to discuss in details about the differences of newly bottled Shiraz vs years old shiraz (i.e. 2004).

2. What will be your recommendation for this Shiraz that best match with what kind of food both for western and asian food?


Allan Yap

Lionel Lau + Chris Low said...

Hi Allan,
1)I must say WitchMount Shiraz is a good shiraz, unfortunately i did not have experince drink one before.Perhaps can drink one with you when i visit you there?

2)WitchMount is from Victoria. It is peppery yet subtle compare to the barossa shiraz?I will drink this wine with Tandori Chicken and lamb curry!

Kam Loong(Chris Low)

Shannon said...

i bet this blog will be full of cock... uhhh, cork... hurh hurh.

kiwiboy88 said...

Dont forget to be screwcapped sometimes. Stephen Hall the Kiwi