Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pre Christmas Singapore 08

Lionel: a good friend and business partner of ours resides in Singapore and in the last 2 years we have made it a point to visit them just before Christmas to have an early christmas dinner. Yes, its just an excuse to eat some good food and drink great wines. But really why should we need an excuse, life's too short! So, just do it.

We arrived in Singapore just in time for lunch and this was at the Crystal Jade at Paragon on Orchard rd. Now for those who haven't been to a Crstal Jade restaurant in Singapore, let me tell you now that the ones opened in KL recently are a pale shadow of whats on offer in Singapore.

Thats another story for another day, well we had lovely dim sum and we started it off with a lovely bottle of Ch Lynch Bages 2000. Now this is a 5th growth that sells for the price of a 2nd growth sometimes even more. Great wine, great vintage.

This was followed by another 2000 but this time it was from the right bank, which means it is dominated by Cabernet Franc and Merlot and not Cabernet Sauvignon as they are on the left bank. Chateau Angelus is from the appelation of St Emilion and if you think that the bottle looks familiar, it was the wine featured in the movie " Casino Royale" in the scene where Daniel Craig's Jame Bond meets his female counterpart on the train.
After an afternoon of shopping, we prepared for dinner with a 1996 Dom Perignon and then preceded to a new establishment that apparently is listed as one of the new restaurants in town that one must visit.
Its named The White Rabbit and its located in the Dempsey area in an old church building.
Food was good and the ambiance was lovely, service was good and of course the wines we brought along was great. Starting with the Chateau Latour 2002, young but lovely drinking nonetheless.
This was followed by one of the new wines by Harlan Estate, the cult Californian. This was the Pluribus, obviously new world in style and Cabernet Sauvignon on speed!
Last but not least is a wine that I believe should be on the list of 100 wines to drink before you die.This is the 2002 Kracher number 12. The late Alois Kracher from Austria was regarded as a genius and one of the world's best sweet winemakers by many and his TBA's which are numbered according to the concentration levels are amazing as they are rare. Find some quick, you won't regret it!

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