Monday, December 15, 2008

Prestige Wines 2008

Lionel: One of the projects Chris and I worked on this year was the Prestige Magazine Wine Extravaganza. This was a project that had three parts, starting with a wine judging, a wine gala dinner and prize presentation and followed by a wine fair complete with masterclasses which was to be held in December but due to our unique culture at city hall, it has been deferred to January next year at the Pavilion. 

We started the judging by separating the entries by pricing and varietal as much as possible. The format for awarding the wines was based on a medal system of bronze, silver and gold for each category and then best red of the show, best white, best sparkling etc.

We had a total of close to 200 different wines and judging was held over just one day with 6 judges and yours truly as the chairman. Below are some of the pictures from the event including the winning wines at the end.

Wines all wrapped up and tagged, ready for the tasting.
The panel of judges receiving their briefing from moi! The judges were a good mix of wine professionals and informed consumers including a chef and we had 4 men and 2 women.
More wines being prepared
No, he didn't get his black eye from drinking too much wine buthere we can see him hard at work!
some of the whites being chilled
some of the winning wines!
Best white - Anura Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa.( Casa Vino)
Best red  - Chateau Cosse Coutelin 2005.( Casa Vino )
Best sparkling - Duval Lerol Brut N/V. ( Milawa )
Best sweet wine - Konrad Late Harvest Riesling. ( Milawa )

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