Saturday, December 13, 2008

Extreme Chinese Cuisine

Lionel: I know this post is so late but like they say, late better than never. I was in Hong Kong in December and one of the restaurants that I made a point to visit was a one that was featured in one episode of "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain.

The restaurant is called Bo Innovation( x-treme chines cuisine). First of all tracking down this restaurant was no easy feat as the address listed on most websites as well as restaurant guides was apparently outdated( we found out later). So we were sent on a wild goose chase but finally 3 different taxi rides later we arrived( at the very first location that the taxicab dropped us, sigh!).

Anyway, it was a relatively quite evening and the chef/owner was away in Spain but nonetheless the food was excellent and interesting. Deconstructed chinese cuisine presented in a modern western style. No, its not fusion but actually chinese cuisine.

Wine list was pretty good with a small but nice selection of wines by the glass as well.

Finally, just last week the Michelin Guide printed its first ever list of Hong Kong Restaurants and Bo Innovation received its first ever 2 stars! Bravo!

I can't remember all the dishes but these were part of the starter selections; I know they look completely western but trust me once you take a bite, you know your eating chinese, just not quite sure sometimes what the ingredients are.

Okay, this was foies gras but the sauce was definitely chinese
Rice with peas, shirmps 
That red piece leaning on the fish is actually preserved ginger

Yabbies on rice
A nice littel Pinot Noir from California to go with the duck
Ngau Lam soup
rice with crab roe

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