Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fassssst Food and red, red wine!!!

Lionel: Okay, okay, we finally did it. Fast food burgers, chicken nuggets and pizzas paired with wine???? And why did we do it? No it wasn't our "Sideways" moment, but due to popular request from our poll.

Hahaha...I know it took some time but I was just trying to avoid it. No, I am not a food snob as you can tell from all our wonderings, I just want good food.

The Pizzas were actually quite good and though we didn't manage a Whopper from BK, The Wendys 1/4 pounder was definitely the winner here in comparison with the bigMCD.

So what was the verdict? We tried some sparkling red, a very nice Malbec Cabernet blend from Argentina, and Ridge Zinfandel. They all worked with the burgers and the nuggets to a certain extent. Nuggets probably needed a sparkling white.

We finally cracked open a bottle of Chateau Lalande Gravet 2005 from St Emilion, great vintage from a very nice estate and you know what? It went so well with them all!!!!

So, now you know why Miles had the Cheval Blanc 61 with burgers in Sideways, a good or great wine will always prevail!!!!!!

Note* You are not allowed to BYOB to any fast food outlets, I checked. Even the 24hr ones!!!

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Anonymous said...

oh no... you forgot fries! hehehhe. You really don't eat fast food often do you?