Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rose, Rose I love you!

Lionel: I've always enjoyed drinking rosés. Their light, uncomplicated and when their nice and dry, they are a great match for a wide range of foods. Drunk chilled, its wonderful Sunday afternoon sip under the yum, yum tree.

I also think that its the perfect wine for those large communal servings of dishes at a family lunch or dinner such as we commonly do in Malaysia. The dash of tannin in the wine offers just enough to handle some meat dishes and the acidity handles the rest.

It was with this in mind that I brought this bottle with us last week to Sin Kee in Brickfields for our office lunch with an ex-colleague. Sin Kee is an institution in Brickfields, it started in a shack in front of a Shell depot located where the Sentral apartments are today. With its 5 tables, hanging bananas for you to pick as dessert and bus stop 2 feet away from the front of the shop, it was obvious that you patronised the shop for its food and not the ambience.

Today, they have relocated across the road to a ground floor of an office building complete with air condition. And whilst the ambience has improved, the food has stayed just as good!

This Shiraz rosé is a best seller in the U.K. market but unfortunately not in Malaysia. It is slowly being phased out of the market, but if your quick you can still find some in most supermarkets/hypermarkets. Its wonderfully dry, nicely balanced with enough fruit and flavour to handle the variety of dishes you see here.

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